Special Features

Our condos are large enough for two cats (and sometimes three). If more than two cats, adjoining condos have kitty doorways to keep your feline family together.

Cats of all ages are welcome. For kittens we have a special condo with more space for play activity. For senior cats we have condos with cat stairs for moving between levels.

The top level of each cat condo is the lounge area, some with a private picture window overlooking a green space.

Our services include play time brushing (if kitty allows). Your feline will be warmly cared for while you are away! Behaviour consultation, TTouch Therapy and nutritional counselling are also available through The Fredericton CatSpa by referral.

Two common rooms featuring a cat ladder with access to the main common room window and viewing area, toys, a cat tower and scratching posts for relaxing, exploring, interaction and play for cats of all ages.